Lasser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending, rolling, punching and weldments

Metal Art doo provides all kinds of services in the field of CNC sheet metal fabrication, using the most modern machines and technologies. We provide: laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC bending, rolling and punching (perforation) of sheets, as well as manufacturing metal structures.
Our subsidiary, Tehnoproces, is producer of tank, pressure vessels, boilers and steel constructions, while also providing bending of tubes up to 315mm and sheet metal up to 100mm thickness.


Laser cutting

Metal Art is committed to benefiting its customers with the highest quality laser cutting service. New 12kw Senfeng SF6020H5 allows us to ensure precision with the use of pre-programmed, accurate data.


CNC bending is a manufacturing process carried out by CNC press brakes. These machines are capable of bending sheet metal work of varied sizes, from just a few mm through to 4 metres long.


Metal Art offers CNC Punching which allows the manufacturing of simple to complex flat steel parts for a broad range of industries. Sheet metal punching is much more than just making holes in sheet metal.

Waterjet cutting

Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process where a jet of water, or a mix of abrasive substance and water, slices into metal at a high pressure and high velocity.  The cutter is connected to a high-pressure water pump…


Roll-bending or rolling, designates the fabrication of sheet metal parts that are rolled or curved into cylindrical shapes or shapes that have a smooth radius associated with them. Metal Art offers sheet metal rolling service…


At Metal Art, our success as a metal fabricator is built on providing our customers with an end-to-end solution. This means that we can take a project from concept to delivery while handling every aspect of fabrication.

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Metal Art

Metal Art doo

Metal Art doo was founded in 1996, as a family business, with accent on fabrication wrought iron products. After years of successful work,  family business grew from a workshop to a company in 2005. Company expanded its production portfolio to fabrication of various types of metal constructions and trading machines for metalworking. Starting with 2019, with purchase of fiber laser, we are able to provide laser cutting, sheet bending, sheet rolling, welding, CNC machining and numerous other services.

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