About us

Metal Art doo is a company specialized in sheet metal fabrication and heavy duty equipment.

Established as workshop in 1996, as a family owned workshop, by Ljiljana and Bratislav Stojanovic, workshop grew into a company in 2005.

The headquarters is situated in Doljevac, 800mm from the highway, 15 km South of Niš (16km from the International Airport) and has 3 production facilities, the main production facility in Doljevac and two production facilities  in Niš. Which are equipped with up 40 t cranes and are very suitable for heavy steel structure manufacturing.

Most of fabrication actives are done in Doljevac, on 2000m2, while heavy constructions are fabricated in Nis in a 12.000m2 production halls, due to presence of large cranes.

Our sheet metal production is performed by experienced workers, on modern CNC machines, of which only few are older than 5 years, and almost all of them were bought brand new.

Heavy duty equipment, products and constructions are produced in Nis, in Machine Industry of Nis (MIN) industrial zone. By acquiring 2 former companies of MIN, Progres and Tehnoproces, we have inherited experienced workers and over 100 years of tradition in heavy duty production. We are one of the few companies in Balkans with ability to angle bend or roll 100mm metal plates.

We provide services for various European and Serbian companies, for energy, railways, automotive and lighting industry and others.

Number of employees: 32.

Technology: 4 engineers closely related to production.

Number of certified welders: 9

Maximum crane capacity inside the workshop: 40t.

Metal Art doo conforms to ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards, and has received its certification in year 2020, and recertification in 2023.

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